Hip Pain

If you have hip pain, it can make living your everyday life difficult. Since you use your hips for all kinds of motions, the pain can leave you with constant discomfort. At Donelson Chiropractic Clinic, your Nashville chiropractor, we are here to help you find relief. Here are some ways you can manage hip pain.

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Physical Therapy

If your hip joint has been injured, physical therapy is a great way to speed up your healing and strengthen the muscles to prevent future pain and injury. Our chiropractor will provide you with specialized exercises that you will do both in the office and at home. It is important that you follow our instructions about exercising between appointments. Regular exercise will keep your hip flexible and strong.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another great tool for managing hip pain. When you work with a massage therapist, they use their hands to work the soft tissues of your hip. Massage releases tension in the muscles, which can lead to physical and mental relaxation. Relaxed muscles are less prone to injury and pain, while a relaxed mind can help with stress management. Since stress often leads to more pain and tension, regular massages will improve your chances of being pain-free in the future.

Spinal Adjustments

If your hip hurts and you’re not sure what is causing it, our chiropractor may consider doing some spinal adjustments. When your spine is out of alignment, it can put unnecessary pressure on nerves. This can cause pain throughout your body, including in your hips. Spinal alignment is a specialized process that a chiropractor does to realign the spine in a non-invasive way. This can provide immediate pain relief.


While exercise and movement are important for your recovery, so is rest. If you put too much pressure on your injured hip, it could cause further pain and injury. Make sure that you’re being gentle with it. Take breaks from physical activity when you need to and get plenty of sleep at night. This gives your body, especially your hip, a chance to recover from any damage.

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Hip pain can be intense and might linger for a while. You deserve effective pain management. At Donelson Chiropractic Clinic in Nashville, we are here to provide the natural and effective pain relief that you need. Call our team today at (615) 889-1941 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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