Shoulder Pain Treatment in Nashville, TN

Common Questions about Shoulder Pain Relief

When you have shoulder pain, it can interfere with everything. Any time the shoulder is in pain or injured, it can mean months of recovery, as the shoulder controls the movement of the arm attached to it and the range of motion. Chiropractic care can get you on that road to recovery and pre-habilitation of your shoulder so that it doesn’t get injured in the first place.

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Why Is My Shoulder in Pain?

The three most common causes of shoulder pain are aging, injury, and repeated stress. Shoulder pain can be caused by strained and sprained ligaments and tendons, by impact, or by osteoarthritis caused by aging. In some cases, caused by rheumatoid arthritis, but the most common causes are aging and injury.

In contact sports like hockey, football, or roller derby, a shoulder injury can commonly happen by impact from falling or being knocked down to the ground. The shoulder is a loose aggregation of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons that can easily disrupt by a hard impact and can come loose in a sprain or strain.

What Are Common Shoulder Injuries?

Shoulder instability can be one of the most important signs of a shoulder injury. Tendinitis and bursitis, along with separations and dislocations, are some of the most common and visible shoulder injuries that chiropractic care can help with.

Our adjustments can restore your range of motion, decrease discomfort, and get you back to the activities you love faster and with less pain than before. Chiropractic care is about getting the parts of the body to work together in strength and unity, and getting the shoulder to function in concert with the spine and the rest of the body is a key to good health.

How Can Donelson Chiropractic Clinic Help?

Chiropractic adjustments can relieve many shoulder problems, causing pain and loss of function. For example, a rotator cuff injury is treated with an adjustment that can restore range of motion in the joint.

When you come to us, we will complete a chiropractic examination to help determine the root of your pain and create a treatment plan. Cole Chiropractic can help you with shoulder and spinal adjustments but also teach you ways to move, which will protect the vulnerable shoulder joint from re-injury.

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